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Hi all,

Why the API’s for iOS, Android and WPF are not identically?
I have seen many samples on the forum, but to adapt it to a different platform is very hard.
A lot of classes are different for each platform.

  • Is there any “comparison” for the different platforms?
  • Is this planned to unify the API’s?


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  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    I should add, if there’s any specific API that is very dissimilar you’d like us to improve, please let us know which. Best regards, Andrew
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Answer: because they are written in different languages, in different frameworks and operating systems.

For example:

  1. WPF supports MVVM, templating and XAML, it has C# with generics
  2. Java supports generics, but layout is defined in a layout XML file (not XAML). Java doesn’t have properties but does have get/set methods.
  3. Swift/Objective-C have poor support for generics, views are created in a designer file. There is no XAML or MVVM.

The main concepts however are the same across all platforms.

  • The SciChartSurface hosts the chart surface
  • The SciChartSurface has one or more XAxis or YAxis
  • The SciChartSurface has one or more RenderableSeries which draws the data
  • RenderableSeries each have a DataSeries which holds the data
  • Zooming, Panning, Tooltips are provided by ChartModifiers
  • Annotations are added to the SciChartSurface.Annotations properties.

I hope this helps clarify our design choices. We will work toward unifying the APIs as much as possible, but it will never be possible to get 100% unification because different operation systems and programming languages support different things.

Best regards,

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