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ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when using LogarithmicNumericAxis and CategoryDateAxis

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I’m seeing the following exception:

E/Exception: null
    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: length=0; index=-1
        at com.scichart.core.model.DoubleValues.get(SourceFile:167)
        at com.scichart.charting.numerics.tickProviders.LogarithmicNumericTickProvider.updateTicks(SourceFile:94)
        at com.scichart.charting.numerics.tickProviders.TickProvider.update(SourceFile:59)
        at com.scichart.charting.numerics.tickProviders.DeltaTickProvider.update(SourceFile:81)
        at com.scichart.charting.visuals.axes.AxisBase.onUpdateMeasure(SourceFile:957)
        at com.scichart.charting.visuals.axes.AxisBase.updateAxisMeasurements(SourceFile:936)
        at com.scichart.charting.layoutManagers.RightAlignmentOuterAxisLayoutStrategy.measureAxes(SourceFile:39)
        at com.scichart.charting.layoutManagers.DefaultLayoutManager.onLayoutChart(SourceFile:235)
        at com.scichart.charting.visuals.rendering.RenderSurfaceRenderer.a(SourceFile:207)
        at com.scichart.charting.visuals.rendering.RenderSurfaceRenderer.a(SourceFile:132)
        at com.scichart.charting.visuals.rendering.RenderSurfaceRenderer.onDraw(SourceFile:123)
        at com.scichart.drawing.opengl.RenderSurfaceGL$a.onDraw(SourceFile:234)
        at com.scichart.drawing.opengl.MyGLRenderer.b(SourceFile:299)
        at com.scichart.drawing.opengl.MyGLRenderer.onDrawFrame(SourceFile:283)
        at android.opengl.GLSurfaceView$GLThread.guardedRun(
        at android.opengl.GLSurfaceView$

I’m initializing my chart as follows:

builder = SciChartBuilder.instance()


val xAxis = builder.newCategoryDateAxis()
                            .withGrowBy(0.0, 0.05)
val yAxis = builder.newLogarithmicNumericAxis()
val seriesData = builder.newXyDataSeries(, Double::class.javaObjectType)
                            .withSeriesName("Series A")
seriesData.append(data.dateData, data.yData)
series = builder.newLineSeries()

UpdateSuspender.using(surface) {
                Collections.addAll(surface.xAxes, xAxis)
                Collections.addAll(surface.yAxes, yAxis)
                Collections.addAll(surface.renderableSeries, series)

data object has about 300 valid data points.

Any ideas what’s going on? I tried running this on a new activity. If I swap LogarithmicNumericAxis for a NumericAxis, everything works fine. I looked at the decompiled .class file where the crash was occurring (I don’t have the source for SciChart), and it seems like the crash occurs when major ticks fail to get generated (majorTicks.size == 0). I tried disabling all minor/major ticks but no joy.

for(int var22 = majorTicks.size(); var22 >= 0; --var22) {
            double var23 = var4.fromExponent(var11);
            double var25 = var22 < majorTicks.size() ? majorTicks.get(var22) : majorTicks.get(var22 - 1) * var23;
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Hi Mike,

Thanks for reporting this bug. I’ve created a task in our bug tracker to investigate and fix it.

Best regards,

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This looks to be a bug with the delta provider when the number ranges are not very large.

How can we override the delta provider on Android? The doc mentions how to do this on WPF.

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Ran into this bug as well when using LogarithmicNumericAxis:

Unfortunately given the issues with LogarithmicNumericAxis, I found it easier just to implement it myself by taking the log of the points, and overriding the axis label providers.

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