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I set the theme is: SciChart_Bright_Spark, but in Android 4.4 mobile phone, chart often display the grid interval display black box, how to solve?

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Hi Huang,

I tried to run Using Theme Manager example to see if I can reproduce this issue and everything worked as expected with Bright Spark theme.

As I see from screenshot it looks like that there is some problem with drawing/blending of axis bands. Also I’m assuming that you use default RenderSurface implementation which uses OpenGL to draw chart. Based on this I have a theory that your device may have some problems with using OpenGL ES 2.0 ( unfotunately you didn’t provide information about device which you used for testing ).

To confirm this I want to ask you to switch to Canvas based RenderSurface implementation and tell me if you see the same behavior?

To do this you just need to add next line of code for code which init a chart:

sciChartSurface.setRenderSurface(new RenderSurface(getActivity()));

Also it would be good if you could try to update to the latest release because v2.0.0.1654 is pretty old and the latest release on our site is v2.0.0.1884.

Hope this will help you!

Best regards,

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