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Basic real-time chart


hello, I am Japanese

I am sorry that I am not good at English.

I would like to draw a basic real-time chart

Get numbers from arduino

I’d like to use HttpURLConnection and get numbers as short as possible

There was something I wanted in the sample. I want to rewrite this and use it


I do not know where to rewrite
I am satisfied if it can be displayed with 1 line chart

I want a format that can be built

Thank you

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Hi Hiromitsu,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Well first of all I would suggest you to take a look on our tutorials which show basics of SciChart API: how to reference SciChart libs, how to create a first chart, how to add interactivity etc. The Animating Line Series example which you mentioned shows more advanced case which includes creating custom RenderableSeries and I think it will be hard for you to understand the code without knowing the basics.

Regarding the using HttpURLConnection for retrieving data – in this case you’ll need to create a code which makes some request, then parses its results and adds parsed data into XyDataSeries instance which is used by line series which you want to draw on chart. Unfortunately you didn’t post any code so it’s hard to say how code should look like in your specific case but I believe it should be enough for the start.

Hope this will help you!

Best regards,

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