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Bug: CategoryDateAxis formatting issues on Android 4.4 API 19

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This issue repros on Android 4.4 API 19, but not API 27. It happens with the example project (Multi-Pane Stock Charts). The issue is that on certain zoom levels, the x-axis labels are cut off (so instead of displaying 11 Mar, it just displays 11).

I have tried to override TradeChartAxisLabelFormatter with my custom implementation but saw the same issue, so the bug seems to be in the provider or somewhere else.

Please see screenshot:

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for writing to us.

I could reproduce this issue, not sure why some labels aren’t drawn. I’m going to create a task to investigate why this happens.


This issue should be fixed starting from v2.2.0.2366 and above ( it should be available in our Maven repository ).

Best regards,

  • Mike Liu
    Ok thanks, the issue seems to be fixed
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