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I am using Android charts and would like to know more about how to customize the YAxis. In the tutorials, there is ussualy something like

.withGrowBy(new DoubleRange(0.1, 0.1))

In the documentation, I can’t find any explanation for withGrowBy(). What is it used for and are there any examples? What does it mean to have DoubleRange(0.1, 0.1) or DoubleRange(0.01, 0.01)?

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Hi Primoz,

Did you have a chance to take a look on this article. It contains a brief description of what GrowBy does. Basically it adds spacing to the VisibleRange during calculation of maximum range for axis. You just need to specify two fractions which will be always applied to the Min, Max values of VisibleRange.

Best regards,

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