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I have animated line renderable series – when new point added, whole x-axes moves to the right a little.

Everything is smooth until pinch zoom appears.
I think it’s conflict with animated viewport move and zooming.

Is there a way to know, when zooming appears?

E.g. if i know, when zoom started and finished – i can solve this.

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Hi Vadim,

Unfortunately we don’t provide listener API for PinchZoomModifier but you can execute some code before and after zooming by creating custom modifier which extends PinchZoomModifier and overriding next methods :

 class CustomPinchZoomModifier extends PinchZoomModifier {
    public boolean onScaleBegin(ScaleGestureDetector detector) {
        // here you can add code which should be executed before processsing of pinch gesture
        return super.onScaleBegin(detector);

    public void onScaleEnd(ScaleGestureDetector detector) {

        // here you can add some code which should be executed after pinch gesture is finished

Is this suitable for your needs?

Hope this will help you!

Best regards,

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