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Gradient color in Palette Fill

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Hello! How i can create same style on select chart
i use public class XyCustomPaletteProvider extends PaletteProviderBase<XyRenderableSeriesBase> implements IFillPaletteProvider, IStrokePaletteProvider, IPointMarkerPaletteProvider { but i can pass only single color like this:

I try create three AreaStyle with gradient but nothing could be done…
use version SciChart

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Best Answer

Hi Sergey

The PaletteProvider API in SciChart Android can’t draw a gradient fill for mountain series, it can only draw a solid fill colour. So you can experiment with opacity to get a good visual effect but unfortunately cannot have a gradient in the section overridden by PaletteProvider.

There is however another way to achieve the same effect you want – by having two series and using Y=NAN to hide sections of the series.

We don’t have an example how to do this in Android but I did create one recently fort SciChart.js. The APIs are very similar so you should be able to achieve this in android.

Take a look at the page Drawing Gaps in Series (null data) and scroll to the bottom. We’ve got this demo here which does exactly what you’re trying to achieve

enter image description here

The code sample is JavaScript but the method & properties in all platforms of SciChart are the same.

Best regards

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