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Hiding the trial licensing warning on Android


I see that this can be done on WPF (using ShowLicensingWarnings), but couldn’t find the property on Android. How can the licensing warning be hidden on Android?

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Hi Mike

The trial licensing watermark is shown in the trial version so that customers don’t go to production using the trial versions of our software.

The full version of SciChart iOS + Android does not have any watermarks.

Best regards,

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Hi Andrew,

I’m trying to hide the large watermark in the middle of the chart that says ‘You have 4 days remaining of the trial’, which is preventing me from evaluating the chart properly.

Also assuming I have the full version, I want to suppress the watermark and these error warnings if the user is behind a proxy, has flakey internet connection etc. that prevents them from contacting the licensing server for some reason (see I would rather the chart just be non functional in these cases rather than my users seeing an error saying their trial has expired (which doesn’t make sense since they are paying a subscription).


  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Mike, if you message sales we can send you an extension of the trial key. The warning shows up when there is 7 days or less. Also, when deployed in the field SciChart does not contact our licensing server when your application runs, so there will be no problems for end-users behind proxy or flakey internet connection.
  • Mike Liu
    Ok, it is good to know it does not contact the licensing server. That’s fine then, I don’t need to hide the trial expiring warning message.
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