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how to cancel annotation creation in OnAnnotationCreatedListener()

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I’d like to learn how to cancel creating annotation in the OnAnnotationCreatedListener(). Thanks.

annotationCreationModifier.setAnnotationCreationListener(new OnAnnotationCreatedListener() {
        public void onAnnotationCreated(IAnnotation iAnnotation) {
            if (outofbound) {
                 // remove current annotation
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Hi Gang Xu,

You can cancel creation of annotation, because it already created in listener and passed as parameter. The only thing which you can do is to remove annotation from chart so it won’t be shown.

public void onAnnotationCreated(@NonNull IAnnotation annotation) {
    // get chart where annotation is placed
    final ISciChartSurface parentSurface = ((AnnotationBase) annotation).getParentSurface();

    // try remove annotation from chart
    if(parentSurface != null)

Hope this will help you!

Best regards,

  • Gang Xu
    Thanks. It works like a charm.
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