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How to clear UniformHeatmapDataSeries data source?


Hi, I have a question for clearing data series.

Unlike XyDataSeriess object, when I call clear() method on UniformHeatmapDataSeries,

following exception occured.

[error message]
java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: This operation isn’t supported by this type of data series
at com.scichart.charting.model.dataSeries.UniformHeatmapDataSeries.clear(SourceFile:328)
at com.scichart.charting.model.dataSeries.DataSeriesCore.clear(SourceFile:66)

How to clear UniformHeatmapDataSeries object data?

Thanks a lot.

Same version with AndroidExample Source
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Hi YoungTae Sun,

Well as message says clear operation isn’t supported in case of UniformHeatmapDataSeries by design. It has constant size which is defined once via constructor ( X and Y size of heatmap ) and you can’t modify size of heatmap after creation, and because of this clear() operation doesn’t make sense like in other series where clear() removes content of data series and sets points count to 0.

Best regards,

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