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Now I using different library for displaing candles.
And have two different styles of candles.
enter image description here

An author of library that I using strongly recomended this one library.
And I try to port my app to SciChart.
How can I change CandlestickSeries to displayed as a Bar Chart

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Hi Evgeny,

We have a separate series type which is called FastOhlcRenderableSeries which should provide desired output.

To implement switching you can create two renderable series ( candlestick and OHLC ) which share same data series instance and use setIsVisible() method to make one of them visible and other invisible:

    final IOhlcDataSeries<Date, Double> dataSeries = new OhlcDataSeries<>(Date.class, Double.class);

    // init series with shared dataSeries instance
    final FastCandlestickRenderableSeries candlestickSeries = sciChartBuilder.newCandlestickSeries().withDataSeries(dataSeries).build();
    final FastOhlcRenderableSeries ohlcSeries = sciChartBuilder.newOhlcSeries().withDataSeries(dataSeries).build();

    // make one series visible and other invisible

Hope that this will help you!

Best regards,

  • Evgeny Khramov
    Thank you very much! This works great. I think problem is with sample CreateRealTimeTickingStockChartFragment I have seen this sample before but when I run sample on devise I do not see differents with CandlestickSeries I think you can zoom in this sample
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