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How to scale axes with different scale factor using pinch zoom?
For example, scale x axis only or scale x axis greater then y axis.

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Hi Dmitry,

If you need to disable pinch zoom in X or Y direction then you can set XyDirection for PinchZoomModifier.
So if you need to pinch only x axis you just need to use code like this:


Regarding the second part of your question – our default PinchZoomModifier implementation uses Android’s ScaleGestureDetector which doesn’t provide seperate scale factor for X and Y direction so for now it isn’t possible to pinch X and Y axes with different scale factors but it is possible to create to custom PinchZoomModifier and ajust scale factors if it is needed.

 public class CustomPinchZoomModifier extends PinchZoomModifier {

     * Performs a zoom around the passed in point by the specified X and Y factor
     * @param point  The mouse point.
     * @param xValue The x zoom factor.
     * @param yValue The y zoom factor.
    protected void performZoom(PointF point, double xValue, double yValue) {
        super.performZoom(point, xValue * 2, yValue); // double scale factor in X direction

Hope this will help you! If you have other questions please feel free to ask.

Best regards,

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If anyone is still looking at this like I was please check your version they have added this feature and forgot to update the documentation so please check that you are running the latest version

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