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Load Sprite Dynamically in PaletteProvider


I want to implement a chart that represent currency changed rate, so that the chart will show a rise with a green point and a fall with a red point.

in the image I’ve uploaded I’ve used Custom PaletteProvider to manipulate the colors accordingly.

what I want to implement is instead of coloring the Point (Ellipse) I want to load an Image.
the closest i’ve got is to load a single image to all the points, without theme changing (red or green) accordingly.

I did managed to implement that exact behavior in iOS.

how could I implement a dynamically changing Sprits in a PaletteProvider ?

Thanks in advance…

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Hi Alon,

Thanks for your inquiry.

I’m afraid it isn’t possible to provide images via PaletteProvider API. For now PaletteProvider allows to provide single int value with color for each point and it isn’t possible to to pass sprites without customization of renderable series code.

I’m going to create a feature request in our bug tracker

Best regards,

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Hey Yura,
Thank you for your comment.

for now I’ve added images as PointMarkers for several ScatterRenderableSeries, is there a way to change the PointMarker Size after the first render ?

I’ve tried to change the size like so :

fun changeRenderableSeriesSize(size: Int) { CustomPointMaker.setSize(size, size) }

but it did not changed the size…

is there a way to do so ?

  • Yura Khariton
    I tried to use setSize() with one of our default point marker implementations and it worked. May I ask which point marker do you use? Can you post code which reproduces this issue?
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