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Hello, I am a new developer who continues to develop scichart. In the currentPoint (or its name may be different) created after clicking in the developed application, the changes made on the graphic (changing the data, changing the graphic type, zooming in or out of the graphic, etc.), leaving these points where they are, breaks the graphic. In these cases, I need to either remove the point or make it move with the graph. how can I do that? I am developing with java. I uploaded the problem I encountered as a gif, you can understand it more clearly when you watch it.

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Hi there,

I’m not sure that I fully understand your requirements. If you want to place some UI element relative to your data instead of relative to pixel coordinates on screen, then I would suggest to use Annotation API. It allows to specify position of UI elements using data values ( X1/Y1/X2/Y2 properties depending on annotation type ), and as result when you scroll or zoom chart it stays at data point that you specified.

Is this suitable for your needs?

Best regards,

  • devrim çatak
    Hi Yura, thank you for your quick response. I saw that the gif I uploaded is not displaying properly, so what I want may not be understood exactly. I uploaded it to the drive as a video and you can understand the problem I had from there by watching it more clearly. I want the points that occur after clicking any point to either move with the graphic or be removed. If you can show me an example of removing or moving these points, I can adapt it to my project. video url;
  • devrim çatak
    Hi Yura, I found the solution to the problem and I will mention it below. Thank you for helping. I deleted the ModifierSurfaces in my chart and added the rolloverModifier again; rolloverModifier.getModifierSurface().clear(); chartModifiers.add(rolloverModifier);
  • Yura Khariton
    Hi Devrim. I’m glad that you resolved this issue on your own. If you have more questions please feel free to ask.
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