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Hi team,

In my app,i’m using a custom rollover modifier as tool tip.I am representing y axis value (numerical value) in tooltip.I would like to have decimal places upto 3 digits in you have any suggestion to how i could achieve this. i’m attaching current screenshot along with this question.

Vinu Gilbert

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Hi Vinu,

Well, answer depends on how you create this custom tooltip. We have an example in demo application where we use seriesInfo.getFormattedYValue() which returns yValue formatted using yAxis.formatCursorText(). If you using same approach then you can change formatting of yAxis by setting CursorTextFormatting

 final IAxis yAxis = sciChartBuilder.newNumericAxis().withCursorTextFormating("0.000").build();

If you’re using other approaches then you’ll need to adjust formatting string in your custom tooltip and format yValue differently

Best regards,

  • Vinu Gilbert
    Thanks Yura, I’ve done it with CursorTextFormatting
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