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Hi, I’m a software engineer. My organization is ready to purchase your solution for our project(Android, IOS), but I have some questions:
1. Can I get a callback when the visible area on the x axis changes? This is necessary to dynamically upload data to the end of the graph when the user scrolls back.
2. Change the position of the tooltip and place in the upper corner of the chart?
Thank you for your time and hope for further cooperation.
Evgeniy Grishko, software engineer.

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Hi Evgeniy,

Question (1) is possible using this method.

In Android: Axis and VisibleRange

IAxis axis = new NumericAxis(getActivity());
axis.setVisibleRangeChangeListener(new VisibleRangeChangeListener() {
    public void onVisibleRangeChanged(IAxisCore axis, IRange oldRange, IRange newRange, boolean isAnimating) {
        // TODO handle range changes here

In iOS: How to listen to VisibleRange Changes

// Register a VisibleRangeChanged callback
var helper: SCICallbackHelperProtocol? = axis.registerVisibleRangeChangedCallback({(_ newRange: SCIRangeProtocol, _ oldRange: SCIRangeProtocol, _ isAnimated: Bool, _ sender: Any) -> Void in
        // TODO: Do something on range change
        // isAnimated will be TRUE if the current operation is an animated zoom or pan

// When finished, unsubscribe to the callback

Question (2) changing position of the tooltip

I need further information from you

You want to have a tooltip on tap but display the X,Y value in the top right of the screen, is that correct?

Best regards,

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I need to put a tip in the upper left corner of the canvas and show the tip always. Or I want to receive a callback, about the place of clicking on the chart.

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Hi Evgeniy,

You can use TextAnnotation as tooltip which is always showed. To place it in left corner you can use relative coordinate mode and then assign X1 = 0. To get information about of clicking you can use HitTest API provided by RenderableSeries. There is an example which shows how to use it.

Is this suitable for your needs?

Best regards,

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