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Set axis label color by its value

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Hi, I want to color the axis label by its value,
eg. value< 0 -> show with red color
value = 0 -> show grey color
value > 0 -> show green color

similar to this question, but in android platform, it seems the LabelProvider has function related to the value(string) formatting only. Is there any ways to styling the label? Thanks!

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Hi May Lym,

Yes, it’s possible by returning SpannableString with color from LabelProvider.

You’ll need to implement custom LabelFormatter which uses default implementation for formatting and then wraps it into SpannableString with desired color:

  class CustomLabelFormatter implements ILabelFormatter<NumericAxis> {
    private final NumericLabelFormatter defaultFormatter = new NumericLabelFormatter();

    public void update(NumericAxis axis) {

    public CharSequence formatLabel(Comparable dataValue) {
        return formatLabelInternal(dataValue, defaultFormatter.formatLabel(dataValue));

    private static CharSequence formatLabelInternal(Comparable dataValue, CharSequence formattedValue) {
        final double doubleValue = ComparableUtil.toDouble(dataValue);

        if(doubleValue < 0d) {
            return formatLabelWithColor(formattedValue, Color.RED);
        } else if(doubleValue > 0d) {
            return formatLabelWithColor(formattedValue, Color.GREEN);
        } else
            return formatLabelWithColor(formattedValue, Color.GRAY);

    private static CharSequence formatLabelWithColor(CharSequence label, int color) {
        final SpannableString coloredString = new SpannableString(label);

        coloredString.setSpan(new ForegroundColorSpan(color), 0, label.length(), Spanned.SPAN_EXCLUSIVE_EXCLUSIVE);

        return coloredString;

    public CharSequence formatCursorLabel(Comparable dataValue) {
        return formatLabelInternal(dataValue, defaultFormatter.formatCursorLabel(dataValue));

Then use this custom LabelFormatter for your axis:

 xAxis.setLabelProvider(new NumericLabelProvider(new CustomLabelFormatter()));

Hope this will help you!

Best regards,

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