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Set Y-axis visible range with big precision



Currently trying this:

final NumericAxis yAxis = sciChartBuilder.newNumericAxis()
            .withVisibleRangeLimit(1.143, 1.146)

Works perfectly with values .withVisibleRangeLimit(1.14, 1.15), but every time i go for more precision – range is default 0-10

Please help

Also works fine with

.withVisibleRangeLimit(1.1433, 1.1566)

Question 2.
Is there a way to determine that live chart was scrolled by finger or by animation (when adding new point)?

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Best Answer

Hi Vadim,

  1. It’s probably caused by default MinimalZoomConstrain value which prevents axis from very deep zoom. Please can you try to set it to 0 which should disable rolling back to default VisibleRange value:

  2. There is isAnimating flag in VisibleRangeChangeListener which can set for axis:

    yAxis.setVisibleRangeChangeListener(new VisibleRangeChangeListener() {
        public void onVisibleRangeChanged(IAxisCore axis, IRange oldRange, IRange newRange, boolean isAnimating) {

Hope this will help you!

Best regards,

  • Kirey Vadim
    Thanks a lot. Had an idea to increase my y-values by 1000 to fix it, but that one-liner is perfect.
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