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showing cursor data on text annotation

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hi, I wanted to display the cursor information (x, y value)on the text annotation like the following. I can only find the example of displaying as tooltip, but is it possible to show with the text annotation? Thank you!

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Hi there,

Unfortunately we don’t support such behavior out of the box but you can implement it on your own.

For example you can extend TextAnnotation class and add some logic which sets text for annotation based on its position into update() override. Also you can create a custom modifier which will place TextAnnotation on chart and will set text for it. If you need to display some information based on touch interactions with chart then you can use our HitProvider API to get information about renderable series (X, Y, series color etc) . You can take a look on our example if you need more information about hit test

Is this suitable for you?

Best regards,

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