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Sync Multiple Charts Without Syncing Y-Axis Pan

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I am able to sync two charts and receive events between both charts.

However, I wanted to remove the shared y-axis panning between the charts.
I was able to get this working by setting the “withReceiveHandledEvents(false)” linked to the motion event group and setting the “.withYAxisDragModifier().withReceiveHandledEvents(false)”.

However, the current problem being faced, is that, the cursor is now no longer synced between the two charts as if I had “withReceiveHandledEvents(false)” on the motion event group.

I tried using the cursor modifier group, but this did not provide a syncing cursor between the charts.

Is there a way to sync the cursor between the charts without having the y-axis panning synced as well?

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Best Answer

Hi Eyram,

To get desired behavior, you can create 2 ModifierGroups for chart ( ChartModifiers is a collection so it can have multiple entries ) – one with shared events for CursorModifier and another for YAxisDragModifier which shouldn’t be synchronized with other charts:


Hope this will help you!

Best regards,

  • Eyram Dornor
    Hi Yura, That worked! I had “withZoomPanModifier().withReceiveHandledEvents(true).build()” in the group events. This seemed to be the issue. In moving this to the non-shared modifier, the cursor synced appropriately without syncing the y-axis as well.
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