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Zoom generates new grid lines in background

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I want to zoom at graph but without generating new 5×5 cubes in background. Is there a way how to do it?

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Hi Martin,

Axis bands are drawn between even/uneven major ticks which are generated by axis TickProvider. So the only way to prevent regeneration of bands is to disable auto ticks generation and set your own Major/MinorDelta values. In this case band width will be always equal of MajorDelta and all bands will be drawn at same coordinates.

Also if you need more manual handling of this case you can create custom TickProvider and generate major ticks values on your own:

class CustomTickProvider extends TickProvider {

    protected void updateTicks(DoubleValues minorTicks, DoubleValues majorTicks) {
        final IAxisCore axis = this.axis; // can get some values from axis if it's required

        minorTicks.add(desiredMinorTicks); // set minorTicks
        majorTicks.add(desiredMajorTicks); // set majorTicks

Hope this will help you!

Best regards,

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