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Zooming real time chart?


I have to implement a zoomable real time chart. I started with CreateRealTimeTickingStockChartFragment as it seems to be the nearest to what I need. I added .withPinchZoomModifier().build() to the chart modifiers, but it doesn’t work very well, there’s lag and jumps…

I’m testing on a Nexus 5.

I also started adapting the example to what I need need which uses a numeric x axis (it measures seconds, which can appear irregularly, so I assume it’s numeric), but noticing the same problems there.

Using SciChart v1.2.1.1540

From this thread, there seems to have been some related problems in an older version, maybe this hasn’t been fully fixed yet? Or maybe I’m configuring something wrong, started using SciChart today and very new to this.

Thanks in advance and amazing work! I’m very excited about this library and hope this works because otherwise it will be probably a deal breaker for the people I’m working for :/

  • Ivan Schütz
    Note: When I say “appear irregularly” I mean that also the space between them can be irregular.
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Hi Ivan,

Please can you try to set receive handled events flag for PinchZoomModifier:


You mentioned that you use other modifiers – so I was thinking maybe sometimes they could handle touch events before they reach PinchZoomModifier. Setting the flag above allows to receive all events even those which were marked as handled by other modifiers.

If it doesn’t help I would suggest to check logcat otuput. Sometimes jumps/lags could be caused by unhandled exceptions which were thrown during rendering.

Regarding the thread which you mentioned – as I know that issue was fixed in v1.1 and it could be reproduced only with category axis. You said that you tried NumericAxis and got the same behavior as with CategoryDateAxis which is used in example by default.

Hope this will help you!

Best regards,

  • Ivan Schütz
    This seems to have done the trick! Will test a little more and if everything works confirm. Thanks!
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