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All Answers » Re: How to scale the X axis SciChart with Realtime data » Comments for "Re: How to scale the X axis SciChart with Realtime data"
  • Durian Odour
    Thank you for your answer, but I have already tried this, it doesn’t show anything on the chart, I have tried different values, however it won’t work, could you provide an example please
  • Yura Khariton
    You can take a look on our ECG example ( or FIFO chart example ( ). Both examples use xAxis with AutoRange.Never and provide custom VisibleRange value for xAxis.
  • Durian Odour
    Thanks for the reply, I have spent a whole day trying to find proper fifo size and visible range. The problem that I am recording ECG from the audio input, and the sampling rate is 44K, I am getting 2040 samples per second and the resulting chart is very compressed, how to adjust this values to show it in visible range. I have added a video to my question
  • Durian Odour
  • Durian Odour
    Basically I need to display the Audio input stream scaled (wider than it is really) in time, I have tried just to increase the delta value used for incrementing time, however it doesn’t help
  • Yura Khariton
    Did you have a chance to take a look on our Showcase application which has an Audio Analyzer example ( In this example we also record audio input with 44,1k sampling rate and we get 2048 samples per second. If this doesn’t help then maybe you should decrease amount of points which are displayed on screen or choose another VisibleRange value so you’ll have less data per pixel and as result chart should look less compressed in X direction.
  • Durian Odour
    Thank you for the reply, yes I have already tried every single examples provided. Ideally it should be like Ecg in the showcase project. However I have also tried to use realtime chart, it shows the signal however it is narrower that should be, is it possible to make it wider using Autorange ?
  • Yura Khariton
    By default using AutoRange.Always sets VisibleRange to the data extents so your entire data set could be drawn on screen. So to make chart’s output wider and increase spacing between data points you need to decrease amount of points in data series and as result decrease amount of data points per pixel. Another possible solution is to provide more smooth data set with less amount of noise.

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