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Access through Cocoapods

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It would be nice to have an access to repo through CocoaPods. You can create a private spec repo and share with developers.

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Hi there

We now have a Cocoapod repo hosted here where you can get access to SciChart iOS builds.

Xamarin Builds are available via NuGet.

We also have private source code access via GitHub , however this is only available to SciChart iOS Enterprise customers.

Please see for details.

Best regards,

  • Alexander Edunov
    I know. I’m Enterprise customer already. But it would be mush easier to maintain project if you do this little addition.
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Oh ok, cool! So what’s the advantage of cocoa pods? Also, any ideas how we can automatically clone one to the other eg via sh?
  • Alexander Edunov
    When I want to update framework I do following steps: 1. Download new version of the framework either from your website or github repository. 2. Replace framework in my project. Furthermore, I need to store framework file in git. If I have many third-party frameworks which I need to use in my project it becomes hell. I need to update them manually, resolve dependency conflicts if some framework depends of another. When I use CocoaPods to maintain third-party libraries I just list the dependencies in a text file named Podfile and then run “pod install”. CocoaPods resolves conflicts, downloads all the frameworks, builds and adds them to my XCode workspace. There are tutorials which explains how to create a pod:
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Sounds great, we will look into it. Although I would expect Github integration would be no more difficult than git-pull and adding our build script to your build steps? It can be found in branches/SciChart_iOS_v1_Release/BuildScripts/
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