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Remove unwanted border line on SCIChartSurface.

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On device, there is an unwanted border line on the SCIChartSurface. Please refer to the screenshot.

I tried removing this by setting the border width and setting it’s colour as white as below
self.surface.view.layer.borderColor = [[UIColor whiteColor]CGColor];
self.surface.view.layer.borderWidth = 2.0f;
However, this does not set the border of the SCIChartSurface.

How do I remove this unwanted border line?

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Good day

We don’t have such line by default. I’ve just checked that on 1.2 version.
Please provide some more information on your SCIChartSurface setup, axes setup and annotations you are using.
Some small project to reproduce such issue would be really helpful

Best regards
Andrii SciChart iOS Developer

  • cathy7 zhou
    Hi Andrii, In scichart 2.0 version, I reproduced the same problem. Unwanted border lines appeared. You can try to change the size of the “surface” in the “SciChart_iOS_v2” Demo to be not the same size as the screen, and then change the background color to white, and you can see the unwanted Border line. At present, this kind of border only appears on devices before iPhoneX. Is there any good way to remove this unwanted border line?
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Hi Chui,

Our team has created an example showing how to style various elements of the iOS SCIChartSurface:

iOS Chart Custom Styling Example

enter image description here

This shows how to style the surface.renderableSeriesAreaBorder by setting a pen with this line of code:

 // Obj C 
 surface.renderableSeriesAreaBorder = [[SCISolidPenStyle alloc] initWithColor:UIColor.darkGrayColor withThickness:1];

 // Swift 
 surface.renderableSeriesAreaBorder = SCISolidPenStyle(color: .darkGray, withThickness: 1)

Does it answer your questions? Is there anything else you would like to see added to this example?

Best regards,

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