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Bring up Tooltip data with a tap

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It seems most of the modifiers bring up tooltip data with a pan, and then it goes away when the user lifts their finger. Is there any way to bring up tooltip data with a tap (and does not go away when the finger has lifted)? The main problem that we’re trying to solve is that we would like to be able to pan to look at the chart (and don’t want an axis pan), but would also like to bring up tooltip data.

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Hello, Carolyn.
To show rollover by tap, you can use behavior property:


@brief The SCIRolloverModifier class’ property.
@discussion Defines modifier’s reaction on touches and gestures
@see SCIRolloverModifierBehaviourEnum
@property (nonatomic) SCIRolloverModifierBehaviourEnum behaviour;

For making it stay on screen after a finger released you will need to subclass corresponding modifier and override touch/gesture handling methods, we have such code in our examples repository, so you can check how it can be done:


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