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Calculate value for y by x with SCISplineMountainRenderableSeries

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Good day!
I need to determine the value of the visible graph y from the x value and the problem is that I can’t calculate the y value outside of the data I’m rendering
example data:
{ x:1, y: 10 },
{ x:5, y: -5 },
{ x: 9, y: 15}

I use SCISplineMountainRenderableSeries and I need to show the intersection of the graph at point 3.5
I need a point but I have only one coordinate value

how can i get this y value?

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Hi, there.

You can use one of our modifiers, SCICursorModifier, SCIRolloverModifier or SCITooltipModifier and set its property “useInterpolation” to true, like this:

let cursor = SCICursorModifier()
cursor.useInterpolation = true

And you will get the Y-Point like on the screenshot.

You can find more about Modifiers API here:

Let us know if it works for you.

  • Sergey Evdokimov
    All of this modifiers works only with user interaction like touch, cursor, but i need a static not interaction solution
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You can perform hit-test programmatically and get Y-Value, like this:

        // create SCIHitTestInfo which will hold hit-test info
        let info = SCIHitTestInfo()

        // Get a coordinate from your X-Point, alternatively pass exact location
        let xCoord = xBottomAxis.currentCoordinateCalculator.getCoordinate(1.8)

        // perform hit-test
        rSeries.verticalSliceHitTest(info, at: CGPoint(x: CGFloat(xCoord), y: 0.0))

        // create series info object which will hold values, you are interested in
        let seriesInfo = rSeries.seriesInfoProvider.seriesInfo

        // update seriesInfo with hit-test info
        seriesInfo.update(info, interpolate: true)

        // get the Y-Value
        print((seriesInfo as? SCISplineXySeriesInfo)?.yValue)

You can find more about Hit-Test API here:

Let us know if it works for you

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