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Just trying to run the demo using these instructions:

It doesn’t work I’m getting “Failed to emit precompiled header” and “SciChart/SciChart.h file not found”

The example github
  • Nazar Rudnyk
    Hi there, please try checking out SciChart.iOS v4.2.0-nightly.5633, which is `69cc43669e5ed85d89b2289ff0a88615fa92cd42 ` commit in examples repository, while we investigating the issue. I’ll get back to you as soon as we fix this.
  • sahil reddy
    Okay thank you, the previous commit did fix it and allow me to run the Demo. However, the tutorials will still crash (Thread 1: signal SIGABRT) on declaration of `SCIChartSurface()` in the `loadView()`.
  • Nazar Rudnyk
    the main demo is fixed, so you can use latest one. As per tutorials we would need to look into it. As before – we’ll get back to you as soon as the issue is resolved
  • Andriy P
    Hi, there. We’ve fixed the tutorials. Please, redownload the repo: Let us know the result.
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Hi Sahil,

It should be fairly straightforward to run the demo, have you followed the steps in the file?

Examples and Tutorials projects are linked with SciChart via
Cocoapods. So in order to test and run examples suite you need to have
cocoapods installed. This can be done by typing a simple command in

[sudo] gem install cocoapods Build Examples 

Our examples project named SciChartDemo. So If you have installed cocoapods you can simply link SciChartDemo project with SciChart.framework via cocoapods using the following terminal commands:

cd YourRepositoryRoot/Examples
pod install --repo-update

In case of successful installation of CocoaPods, you’ll see the generated SciChart.iOS.Examples.xcworkspace, which links an SciChartDemo.xcproject with SciChart.framework.

Open a workspace and build “SciChartDemo” scheme, you can now run and test all the examples you provide.

  • sahil reddy
    Yeah I did all of that the Demo still fails to build.
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Ok, hang tight, I’ve made the iOS team aware and we’ll get a resolution for you soon
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