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Hi, guys

My x axis is SCICategoryDateTimeAxis and i’m want to draw grid line with custom period. Let’s say every four hours for data with a period of thirty minutes. What is the best way for that?

Can i redifined axis’s tickCoordinatesProvider?
Can you provide some example?
Or it only possible with axes annotations ?

Best regards,
Sushynski Andrei

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Hi, Andrei

You should set autoTicks into false and set major delta. Major delta is a difference beetween two major grid lines. But in category axis it’s value should be set in indecies. For example your data has new value every one minute so you should set major delta into 30, and then you have period between two grid lines 30 minutes.

sciChartView1.xAxes.item(at: 0).axisId = “xID”
sciChartView1.xAxes.item(at: 0).autoTicks = false
sciChartView1.xAxes.item(at: 0).majorDelta = SCIGeneric(30)

Best Regards, Mykola

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