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Does the ios and android scicharts contact a server for licensing in the end user app?

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I just requested a trial key and notice that it say I have to put a license call into my app.

Does this mean my app will require internet so it can verify a license when the user starts the app?

Will it do this all the time?

I do not like this at all. I don’t want my customers asking why my app requires internet and is contacting some server when they start the app.

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Hi Tony

The SciChart iOS/Android/JavaScript/Wpf licensing mechanism does not require an internet connection to work.

You will need to activate developer licenses following steps from and then put a runtime key into your app to unlock trial restrictions & remove watermark. One time activation can be carried out over internet, or email for offline computers. Runtime & developer licenses work completely offline and do not require an internet connection.

We do have in our T&Cs the option to put non-identifyable and passive industry standard telemetry usage tracking in SciChart iOS/Android for the purpose of license audit. Telemetry has not been enabled yet. When it is, there will be an opt-out via an air-gapped license type.

I hope this helps explain SciChart’s licensing mechanism and put your mind at ease! We welcome discussions from our customerbase so if you’d like to know more about pricing, licensing, please contact sales and tell them your requirements. Explain your concerns and we will be happy to have a conversation & find a solution which works for you.

Best regards,

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