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How to add custom Theme to hide or change colour of x axis (or)horizontal line which I sin green colour in tooltip in iOS swift

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Hello there,

I am new to SciChart and trying to implement custom SCICursorModifiers tooltip,

It’s almost done, except one issue, i.e I am not able to hide the X axis (or) Horizontal line which is in green colour, it is showing up in the background whenever I am trying to use the tooltip.

The line which needs to be hidden

I tried with following below code but it is not working

extension SCIChartTheme {
    static let berryBlue: SCIChartTheme = SCIChartTheme(rawValue: "SciChart_SciChartv4DarkStyle")

SCIThemeManager.addTheme(.berryBlue, from: Bundle.main)

Is there any way to achieve this

Thanks in Advance

SciChart 4.4.2
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Hi Steven

The SCICursorModifier paints a crosshair on the chart which tracks the touch position. For benefit of other readers, you can read more about the cursor here.

The property you need to adjust the colour of the crosshair line is SCICursorModifier.crosshairPenStyle. This accepts SCIPenStyle derived types e.g. SCISolidPenStyle which allows you to specify color, thickness etc.

The property applied to crosshairLine from the theme is cursorLineColor. See this documentation page on creating a custom theme. You’ll notice that in the theme pList there is this line


That’s what you need to adjust if you want to set the cursorLineColor from a theme instead of programmatically.

You can also inherit / modify an existing theme. This doc page shows you how.

Let me know if this helps!

Best regards

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Hi Steven, has it helped you?

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