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How to crosshair pangesture continue over axis surface?

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Hi. I’m currently working with sci chart iOS.

I create a custom crosshair modifier and get satisfactory results for most movements.

That crosshair by referring to your finance app, and one problem is that when the finger dragging the crosshair moves to the axis surface area, the crosshair movement stops.

It is true that the crosshair is only drawn on the chart surface, but I think I should continue to receive events even if it crosses the axis surface while dragging. How do I do that?

And another Q2. how to pause crosshair dragging event?

When I have multiple chart(vertical group), If I turn on crosshair and I start resizing dragging, crosshair is update according to dragging.

I hope just stop crosshair, but visible state. How can I do that?

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Hi, Jay,

Presently these two features are not supported. I have created tasks for both the queries to investigate in the future.

  1. SCIOS-1175 Crosshair pangesture continue over axis surface
  2. SCIOS-1176 Pause crosshair dragging event

You can also checkout the behaviour in the scitrader app. This is improved vs. the behaviour in the scichart iOS examples. The scitrader iOS SDK source code can be found here.

Best regards

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