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I have a SCIFastLineRenderableSeries backed by data in SCIXyDataSeries.

I setup FIFO to 300 (this just a number I may increase, but it stores 30+ seconds of data)

x data is time stamp.

each time I have new data, I set a new visibleRange to show about 30 seconds of data on screen

xAxis.visibleRange = [[SCIDoubleRange alloc] initWithMin:SCIGeneric(secondSinceStart-31) Max:SCIGeneric(secondSinceStart)];

So this will scroll along showing latest 30 seconds of data. And that’s great.

But I want to scroll to the left to view the older data. because of the visibleRange is set I am not able to touch the axis labels and do anything)

how do I set the visibleRange or maybe not set it, so I can enable the scroll.

Here is the drag modifier I use , but I think it does not do anything either because of the visibleRange
SCIXAxisDragModifier * xAxisDragmodifier = [SCIXAxisDragModifier new];
xAxisDragmodifier.dragMode = SCIAxisDragMode_Pan;
xAxisDragmodifier.clipModeX = SCIClipMode_None;


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Hello Jeremy,

First of all, when you are using FIFO, you are discarding the old data, so there is nothing to scroll there.
As per setting visible range, you might want to mimic the behaviour we have in our Realtime-Ticking Stock Chart example where we update visible range, only if currently it’s the latest, otherwise, it’s changed my the modifiers and user interaction.

Please find the gif in attached zip archive.

Hope that helps.

Best Regards
Nazar R.
SciChart Developer

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