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I have a SCIFastLineRenderableSeries backed by data in SCIXyDataSeries.

I setup FIFO to 300 (this just a number I may increase, but it stores 30+ seconds of data)

x data is time stamp.

each time I have new data, I set a new visibleRange to show about 30 seconds of data on screen

xAxis.visibleRange = [[SCIDoubleRange alloc] initWithMin:SCIGeneric(secondSinceStart-31) Max:SCIGeneric(secondSinceStart)];

So this will scroll along showing latest 30 seconds of data. And that’s great.

But I want to scroll to the left to view the older data. because of the visibleRange is set I am not able to touch the axis labels and do anything)

how do I set the visibleRange or maybe not set it, so I can enable the scroll.

Here is the drag modifier I use , but I think it does not do anything either because of the visibleRange
SCIXAxisDragModifier * xAxisDragmodifier = [SCIXAxisDragModifier new];
xAxisDragmodifier.dragMode = SCIAxisDragMode_Pan;
xAxisDragmodifier.clipModeX = SCIClipMode_None;


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