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Hi, guys

My X axis is SCICategoryDateTimeAxis type.

And i have a huge amount of data to display. So i need to display it by scrolling of the chart surface.
So what is the best practice to update data series on the fly and display it at the chart surface?

Best regards,
Sushynski Andrei

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Hi, Andrei Sushynski

By default, All types of data series are infinite. Except FIFO. And you can add values as much as you want. Of course you are limited by memory of device.
Only one thing you should solve it’s when add new values.
My suggestion, Try to add new values on changing visible range.

let axis = SCICategoryDateTimeAxis()
axis.registerVisibleRangeChangedCallback { (newRange, oldRange, isAnimated, sender) in
// do something on changing visible range

Depends on how close chart is scrolled to the end try to add new values.

Best Regards, Mykola

  • Andrei Sushynski
    I’m already using VisibleRangeChangedCallback to initiate my methods of data getting. My question is how to update data series while chart surface scrolling without scroll freezing and visible changes of data update? Should i use appendX or updateAt? Should i manually change scroll visible range?
  • Andrei Sushynski
    Is it possible to update visible range of the chart while it’s scrolling?
  • Mykola Hrybeniuk
    Hi, Andrei Firstly, I’ve understood you wrong. I think you can find an answer for the question in our DemoApp in RealtimeTickingStock example. And I think you should use appendX and change visible range, you will find the solution in RealtimeTicikingStock example. Best Regards, Mykola
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