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We have lots of Point Markers in our series that overlap, so we’re trying to find a way to Cluster them in Android and iOS. I can see that there is an SCIPointMarkerClusterizer. Can you give us some pointers on how we can achieve point marker clustering and/or spacing?

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Hello, Lazar.

There is a clusterSpacing property in SCILineSeriesStyle, SCIImpulseSeriesStyle, SCIScatterSeriesStyle, which allows to set a spacing between point markers. Please check if this is enough for you:

Andriy. S.
SciChart iOS developer.

  • Lazar Nikolov
    Thank you, Andriy. What about point marker clustering, but for multiple series? We have a few different “alarms” series that we’d like to display, but sometimes a few alarms can happen at the same time and we’d like to cluster them so we can see them clearly.
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