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iOS Using SCIZoomPanModifier And SCICursorModifier Together

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Hello, I’m trailing your library right now. I would like to be able to move the graph around as well as a cursor on the graph. So I enabled both SCIZoomPanModifier and SCICursorModifier. But since both use one finger panning, the result wasn’t that good. Do you have any guidance for solving the conflict and letting them working together? I’m thinking to do it in the following way: if the touch location is within certain pixel range of the cursor, panning action will move the cursor, otherwise it moves the graph. Is it possible? Thanks

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Hello, Haoran Xie.
As you mentioned, cursor and zoom pan modifiers are based on the same events, so currently simultaneous usage of this two modifiers isn’t supported. But have a similar feature request for RolloverModifier and ZoomPanModifier, so we plan to add such possibility in a future releases. Here is a link for tracking, if you’re interested.
For now the one thing I can recommend you is using AxisDragModifier for scrolling, it handles events on axises and

  • Haoran Xie
    Or can I somehow handle the panning event by myself? Is there a callback function to implement that?
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