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IPointMarkerPaletteProvider and IFillPaletteProvider Interface not available in iOS

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I couldnt find IPointMarkerPaletteProvider Interface in SciChart iOS framework. I want to change the color of the point markers of line series on tapping the markers. With IPointMarkerPaletteProvider it would have been easier.

SCIPaletteProvider is there but how do I provide the colors to each markers through that. Is there any other way to go about it ?

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Hello Ayush Jain.
Thank you for the question.

On iOS you need to SCIPaletteProvider, and override this method:

-(id<SCIStyleProtocol>)styleForX:(double)x Y:(double)y Index:(int)index 

It allows you to provide custom style for each point, so you can create a different series style with different pointmarker style for each point and have not only custom color, but custom shape as well.

Please check UsePalleteProvider example, for details.

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