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I want to modify the tooltip for data points. For example, I’d like to not show the line that goes down to the X Axis, and the associated tooltip that shows the X cursor location in the X axis area.

Is there a way to do this?

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Good day

If I get you right, you need SCITooltipModifier and you described SCIRolloverModifier behaviour.

Difference between them:

Tooltip: no cursor line, no label on axis, tooltip shows if data point is near your finger, all data points that fit in hit test radius from multiple charts will be packed in single view

Rollover: cursor line and axis label, tooltip shows if there are data points near vertical line passing through your touch location, data will be displayed for every chart separately

If you need some kind of different appereance you should edit appropriate styles in tooltip modfiers instances.

For example for rollover there you can make axis label and cursor line transparent, but there are no option to disable them completely.

If you need mixed behaviour of these tooltips, you need to subclass them. It can be complicated task, so first you should try to achieve required behaviour with styling.

Best regards
SciChart iOS Developer

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