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Need help with displaying Ellispe Point Markers onto my graph

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Hello, I’ve been trying to setup an Ellispe Point Marker graph which shows a linear regression line within the graph, I’ve copied the demo code into another project and it seems to show Ellispe Point Markers, but when I try it out using another project, it doesn’t seem to show up. The issue is that the graph shows up, along with the axis and the linear regression lines, but the Ellispe point markers don’t show up.

When I run the code, the linear regression line changes from new data that is being pushed, but the Ellispe pointer markers don’t show which I’m assuming means that the data is being pushed through/into the chart, but the point markers are specially not showing up for some reason. I’m wondering if anyone can help me regarding this situation, and I’ve looked through the code several times and I can’t seem to find what is causing my point markers to not show.

Unfortunately I can’t completely share the project due to confidentiality reason within my workplace, therefore I shared some screenshots which outline the code that is being used to for the SciChart Graph.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if there are any more questions regarding this issue, please let me know and I’ll try my best to answer them and provide more information. Thank you.

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Hi, there.

It is very hard to tell what is wrong with your code. But on the last screenshot, I see that you create your SCIXyScatterRenderableSeries with colorCode 0x550036 which is probably not correct. It misses two more digits and should look like 0xFF550036

Please, try it and let us know if it helps. If you still have this issue, please create a reproducible test example or try to reproduce your issue on one of our examples so we stay on the same page, trying to help you.

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