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Only Y values graph

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I am planning to have a graph like in attached image. Just to have only X values and additional Label provider on it and an indication to point the value like black arrow.
Need your inputs. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, there.

You can take few different approaches.

Probably, the most straightforward is to use SCIFastColumnRenderableSeries with dataPointWidth set to 1. You will have to provide the same y-Values, like (1, 1, 1, 1, 1) and different x-Values for your DataSeries. Also, you will need a palette provider which will set different colors for each column.

Regarding your question about the additional label provider. Not sure if I understand it correctly. If you want to display other labels below the main x-Axis you will have to add another x-Axis with a different label provider. See “Multiple Axis Demo” example:

Also, you can find more about how to create a custom label provider here:—labelprovider-api.html

I hope, that will help

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