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Pinch zoom and pan not working as expected in macOS

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I am trying to zoom and pan the line graph in my macOS app the zoom is working but I am not able to pan through the zoomed graph its not at all scrolling and also I wanted to know how can I add click event on the graph so that I can display some more data on click at a particular coordinate apart from tooth. I have shared my view controller. I will really appreciate any help as I have spend a lot of time figure this out and have no clue where to go from here.

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Hi, there.

Regarding your question about panning and zooming. If i understand your issue correctly, setting “zoomPanModifier.receiveHandledEvents = true” should fix your issue.

Regarding your question about “click event on the graph”. If I understand your question We have an example, called “Hit Test API”. So please, take a look at it.

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