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SCILinearGradientBrushStyle Not working on donut chart


I cannot get SCILinearGradientBrushStyle working on a donut chart. Only radial gradients work

Here is my code sample:

let segment = SCIPieSegment()
segment.fillStyle = SCILinearGradientBrushStyle(colorCodeStart: 0xff007aff, finish: 0x4D007aff, direction: .horizontal)
segment.value = 100.0
segment.title = "Segment"

The segment just renders a flat color

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Hello Ryan,

Thanks for writing for us. Unfortunately you can fill pie/donut with solid brush or radial gradient brush only at the moment.
Anyways, you might want to submit a feature request if that’s the feature you need –

Best Regards,
Nazar R.
SciChart Developer

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