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Hi, guys

Is it possible to use negative index for methods:

-(void) insertAt:(int)index X:(SCIGenericType)x Open:(SCIGenericType)open High:(SCIGenericType)high Low:(SCIGenericType)low Close:(SCIGenericType)close;

-(void) updateAt:(int)index Open:(SCIGenericType)open High:(SCIGenericType)high Low:(SCIGenericType)low Close:(SCIGenericType)close;

Can you give an answer?

Best regards,
Sushynski Andrei

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Good day

Index in that functions represents order of element in array. Methods do not throw exception at the moment on attempt of writting at negative position, but we are considering adding such exceptions.

If you want to insert element before any other in array, you should do it at 0 index. You will make it the first element in array and the rest elements will move.
Updating at negative index do nothing because there are no elements with negative index.

Best regards
SciChart iOS Developer

  • Andrei Sushynski
    Thanks It will be a great possibility to use negative index. I will be waiting for this
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