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Trial license code invalid

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Hello, I’m new to Swift and macOS, but I’m tasked to research SciChart. I have started my macOS trial, got my trial code from the wizard app. I’m following the Creating your first SciChart macOS App tutorial but I get Sorry! Your license token appears to be invalid error.

Here is what I’ve tried:

import Cocoa
import SciChart
import AppKit

class AppDelegate: NSObject, NSApplicationDelegate {

//    override init() {
//        SCIChartSurface.setRuntimeLicenseKey("XXX")
//    }

    func applicationDidFinishLaunching(_ aNotification: Notification) {
        let licenseKey = "XXX"

    func applicationWillTerminate(_ aNotification: Notification) {
        // Insert code here to tear down your application

    func applicationSupportsSecureRestorableState(_ app: NSApplication) -> Bool {
        return true

Using override init() leads to Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'License Exception', reason: ''
Using SCIChartSurface.setRuntimeLicenseKey() in applicationDidFinishLaunching leads to Sorry! Your license token appears to be invalid. Please contact support with your OrderID if you believe this to be incorrect.

What am I doing wrong?

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MacOS trials are machine specific, so it is important to get the trial key on the machine you intend to use it on. If you did, then please open a ticket at as we will need to check your actual key to see if there is some other problem.


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i did opened a ticket and it was not very helpful.

Thank you for your enquiry about SciChart! We haven't found a developer license or trial on your account so this ticket will be auto closed.

Really? Let me attach a screenshot of my profile and the wizard app.

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Good point, we need a support desk upgrade that shows you what channels are available. Anyone can use the contact form at but certain ticket channels are restricted to customers
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Can you email the Keycode over to me. Support {at} We will take a look. Thanks!
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Hello, I did sent the Keycode and the ticket is auto closed again. I’ve used the ‘resent email’ button again, and again the new code doesn’t work. I would appreciate some information.

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