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Vertical band shading for weekend dates


Hi everyone,

What would be the easiest way of shading all vertical bands for weekend days? I’ve got two ideas:

  1. Setting major band brush won’t work because there’s no way of setting only weekend bands to be major bands (as far as I know).
  2. Using box annotations.

Problem with 2nd option is that annotations are rendered over the chart (screenshot attached). Is there a way of sending them behind columns?


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Good day

If you achieved desired look with box annotations try setting the following property: =  SCIAnnotationLayer_Underlay;

btw, you can achieve the same by creating subclass of SCIDateTimeAxis and override method

-(void)drawBandsWithContext:(id <SCIRenderContext2DProtocol>)renderContext

In that case you will have to draw bands manually using our drawing context.

Best regards
SciChart iOS Developer

  • Igor Peric
    Haven’t tried yet but both alternatives seem quite promising! :) Thanks, I’ll get back with the result.
  • Igor Peric
    Yeah, SCIAnnotationLayer_Underlay was exactly what I needed. Thanks! :)
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