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Display negative value in stacked column chart.

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When displaying a value in a stacked column chart, if the value is negative, the negative value should be drawn from the 0 position of the y-axis or from below the other negative value if it exists. Similarly, the positive value after the negative should be drawn from the 0 position of the y-axis or from above the other positive value if it exists. But instead, in both cases, they are being drawn from the end of the previous value, resulting in overlapping.

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Hi Manash,

Thank you for your inquiry.

The best way we found for your need is to create 2 StackedColumnCollection instances, one for positive numbers, the other for negative numbers, in order to avoid overlapping.

Here are some code snippets to help filter the values from one another:

yValues: => (v > 0 ? v : 0)) // get positive values only

yValues: => (v < 0 ? v : 0)) // get negative values only

For a better understanding , we suggest you take a look at this CodePen:

Best regards,
Vascul Andrei
SciChart Developer

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