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Having problem to run scichart on my project

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Hey guys,

As you already know, I’ve implemented a wrapper of scichart.

In a clear Nuxt project, I can get the / scichart.wasm files very well. Have no problems with that at all.

But on my current project, we can’t implement this because some dependency is missing from scichart. And without your code, I really don’t know how to get into it.

The image is on attachments. Can you help us?

Many thanks,

Pedro Cruz

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Hi Pedro,

If you see this error

still waiting on run dependencies:
dependency: fp /assets/TSRAssets.web.pkg
dependency: fp /assets/SCRTNAssets.web.pkg

It must be that file has not being loaded. Maybe has not been copied into the appropriate place.
I have attached the screenshot where I get the same warning if I remove from the server.

Best regards,

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