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How to get back to normal after scichart exception

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We found that when the entered data is wrong and SciChart exception occurs, we can’t get back to normal without F5 reloading.

In our application, when switching the symbol/screen, it will start over from SciChartSurface.create(), but it just cannot return to normal.

If the abnormal data causes scichart exception, what can we do to minimize the damage ?

Here is demo video :

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Hi Chinghung

Please can you try SciChart.js v2.1? We added some code to handle renderer exceptions and output the result to console.warn instead.

Please let me know if that helps

Best regards

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Hi Andrew,

We just updated SciChart.js to 2.1.2273 and retry, and found that the previous exception that caused scichart to crash has been resolved.

Now exception will occur but scichart will not crash.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

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