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How to snap cursor to candles in candlestick chart ?

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I am new to scichart javascript library and trying to run the provided examples locally. I was working on this example

I am able to run this example locally. now I want to add cursor snapping in it. An example would be tradingview candlestick charts. in those charts cursor snaps to nearest candles.
I am trying to achieve similar. I looked into the docs but couldn’t find the answer.

Thanks !

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Hi there,

At the moment there is no way to snap CursorModifier or RolloverModifier to a candle. However this is on our roadmap.

See here the task: Feature: Rollover and CursorModifier.SnappingMode

It’s been requested several times so we will probably take a look at this after the next major release

Note: Feature requests. If you are a scichart.js community, trial or paid user, click UP VOTE on the question above to register your vote for this feature!

Best regards,

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